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Lollipop Man for 2 Violins

Lollipop Man for 2 Violins

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Introducing "Lollipop Man" - a delightful series of duets for violin, viola, and cello composed by Anita Hewitt Jones, and perfectly suited for beginners up to approximately Grade 1 level. This versatile duet book brings the joy of ensemble playing to both early stage learners and more experienced musicians, and is an ideal addition to any music library!

Each piece in Lollipop Man is thoughtfully crafted with a rhythm that complements its title, making it not only a musical experience but also a fun learning tool. For instance, in the charming piece Lollipop Man, the rhythm mimics the spoken words "Lollipop Man, shh, Lollipop Man, shh, show me over when you can," enhancing the learner's sense of rhythm.

The book features a well-structured progression, gently introducing new finger techniques and rhythms. Starting with simpler rhythms such as Do As I Do, Follow Me, which is a delightful round using just crotchets and quavers, players progress to more challenging pieces like Conker Fight, where accents and quavers intertwine with sustained notes in the second part.

As players progress through the Lollipop Man book, they encounter fun and highly enjoyable pieces including I am the Captain of a Pirate Ship and Big Black Beetle, I See You Hiding There, each offering unique challenges and musical rewards. The lively and spirited finale, Stamping Dance exudes energy and excitement, and can be relied on to bring a smile to every performer's face!

This versatile book caters to violinists, violists, and cellists alike, offering something special for each instrument. Whether you're a beginner setting out on your musical journey, an intermediate player looking for easily sight-readable duets, or part of a string ensemble seeking delightful new repertoire, Lollipop Man is the perfect choice.

If you're a teacher, try paring Lollipop Man with another fantastic sheet music book from MusicLand, Bread and Butter Pudding, to create a comprehensive musical education for your beginner string learners. Each page of Lollipop Man brings fun and interesting new challenges, plus a delightful illustration to color in, making learning an interactive and enjoyable experience for your students!

Instrumentation: 2 Violins (or in any combination with Violas and Cellos)

Level: Level 1


Parts Supplied: 1x Duet Score

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